Westport Road Church of Christ

Westport Road Church of Christ loves Jesus and trusts God's word and the Spirit's leading. The church is progressively minded and diverse — with people from all ages, backgrounds, and life situations. The church encourages and strengthens families and has many active ministries: children's, youth, young adults, small groups, missions and more. 


Childress Church of Christ

The Childress Church of Christ in Childress, Texas is more than a congregation – we’re a family. One big, happy, worshiping, serving, enthusiastic, welcoming and friendly family.


Flatirons Community Church

To bring the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world.


Renovaré Institute

Renovaré USA is a Christian nonprofit that models, resources, and advocates fullness of life with God experienced, by grace, through the spiritual practices of Jesus and of the historical Church. 



The Crucible Project

The Crucible Project is a not-for-profit organization committed to create a world of men who live with integrity, grace and courage, fulfilling their God-given purpose.


Soul Beauty Weekend

As women we are inundated with relentless messages to be more beautiful, achieve greater success, and do more things. That constant pressure eventually works its way inside and leaves us feeling stuck, unworthy, small and most certainly, unlovely. We become our own worst critics, constantly aware of our flaws whether real or imagined.



Mission Resource Network

Missions Resource Network exists to help churches make disciples of Jesus all over the world.